We’re so glad you decided to check out our church. LWBC is a church that places great emphasis on knowing what the Bible says and means. Without knowing both, we will never be able to apply it to our lives accurately, practically and socially. We would love for you to join us Sunday morning so we can meet you.

We are a church that meets in homes preparing to relocate to a new church building. In the interim, due to Covid-19, for your safety and ours, we are bringing church to your home virtually. If Covid-19 has caused you to stay at home, and you are missing interaction with other believers, LWBC is a place where you can connect with others.

What To Expect

  • A church that enjoys a spirit of fellowship and unity around God’s truth.

  • A group of people that come together because of their love for one another and Jesus Christ.

  • A church that preaches the gospel of repentance that brings salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

  • To meet families of all ages where children learn with their parents and where all are welcome to share in conversations following our study.

  • A church that celebrates the Lord’s Supper each Sunday (please provide your own bread & drink for the Lord’s Supper.)

  • A study from the Bible that is well thought out and reflects the original message in context without unneeded stories.